Raoul Pop

How do I put this in terms most people will understand?

I have a gift for figuring things out. I have always had this gift. I learn things quickly when they interest me and here’s where things get interesting, I auto-perfect my skills and/or knowledge. In other words, things that other people need to look up or learn or ask others about, I usually figure out on my own.

If you can manage to put your problem into words that I can understand, there’s a very good chance that I can help you get to a solution. I don’t care how complicated it is, I don’t care what field it’s in, I don’t care if it’s classified or open knowledge, if it’s a problem you can make me understand, I can probably figure it out. Maybe not on the spot, but once I have the “lay of the land”, so to speak, I’ll go off, think about it and come up with something, most likely something helpful.

At this point some of you may wonder if I’m willing to sign NDAs and/or confidentiality agreements. Of course. If your work is confidential, I will absolutely keep it confidential. If there’s a conflict of interest or an overlap with another client, I will let you know, and I will not divulge your secrets to anyone.

My word is my bond and the power of my mind is available to you if you’re interested.